Aviary is our intuitive modular pension fund accounting solution aimed at occupational pension schemes and third-party administrators across the UK, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.

Our system is essentially innovative financial management software which provides automation tools with any pension administration software, banks, payroll software, fund managers and custodians. Our Key Once philosophy enables pension schemes to manage the transfer of their data across multiple software system ensuring that a process is completed end to end without data having to be re-keyed. Not only does this improve accuracy and mitigate human error, provides full audit trail by being able to trace back directly to source.

Our Key Once philosophy then takes this one step further with our integrated report and accounts production tool Aviary Draft Accounts Reporting (ADAR). Finance teams spend a considerable amount of time and effort every year producing the Pension Scheme Report and Accounts with reliance on manual processes and intervention via an array of internal and external documents thus resulting in time and money being wasted on ‘non-value’ activities.

Aviary is an end to end solution that provides a more efficient and controlled process.


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