Our Work Manager solution replaces paper case files and guides your members of staff through the individual tasks needed at each stage.

By setting out the processes used, and who carries out each activity in them, items are automatically allocated to the right individuals or groups.  In the same way, work can be reallocated as the case progresses, perhaps for checking or for payroll activities.  The control offered ensures cases cannot be lost and steps cannot be forgotten.

Progress on every case is held within our Work Manager solution so you and your staff can quickly find out what stage a case has reached.  Management can monitor progress against Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and reports or statistics can be produced.  If one of your staff is absent, you can see what they were working on and reallocate items that need to be progressed.

Work Manager is the natural partner for our Document Manager solution as they work together to streamline processes, reduce reliance on paper and offer greater flexibility for remote working.  

Work Manager is also integrated with oPen2 and Classic, further increasing efficiency and convenience.  If the administrator needs to check the member’s contributions, Work Manager will open up the contribution history.  If they need to run a calculation, one click will initiate a calculation for the right member, with the right calculation date and type already populated.  If they need to create a letter, it will be produced and filed in Document Manager, automatically.


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